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Product Description: MOONLIGHT is an oil-based maintenance coating. It contains 25% SiO2. MOONLIGHT lasts up to 9 months while greatly enhancing gloss, water repellent and UV protection.

MOONLIGHT’s main function is a maintenance or topper coating to any other TAC System quartz coating that will increase that coatings longevity. It can be applied to many surfaces including, paint, trim, chrome, wheels even glass! With SiO2 protection that lasts up to twice as long as traditional waxes and sealants, MOONLIGHT helps vehicles maintain that ‘just detailed’ look.


Durability: Up to 9 months.

Common Uses: When applied exterior vehicle surfaces or wheels, Moonlight helps make maintenance cleaning fast and simple.

Warnings: Wear gloves. Ensure application area is free of loose contamination.

* * Caution: Any towel used to apply Moonlight hardens, use discretion when reusing towels. We recommend throwing them away. To avoid spray-head clogging, ensure you rinse it out after each use with a mix of detergent soap and water. Thoroughly rinse with clean water and store separately. Reinstall original cap making sure it is tightly closed. Store between 55-80F degrees.

Directions: Clean and dry all exterior vehicle surfaces thoroughly. Apply out of direct sun to cool vehicle panels.

1] With a dedicated MF suede or MF applicator pad, apply a small amount of moonlight to the applicator then begin to work it in, one to two panels at a time. It spreads out very well… a little goes a long ways.

2] Once applied allow moonlight to dwell for 1-3 minutes. When you see the product begin to flash, you will notice a change in color that resembles oil on water. This is when you remove the product with the first microfiber towel. Light pressure to level product, most of the residue will be removed. Secondly, follow with another clean towel ensuring all areas have been wiped.
After 45 min a second coat can be applied for increased protection in daily drivers or for extra gloss.

* Moonlight requires 2-4 hours of cure time before water exposure. As a precaution, Quartz Max can be applied after curing period for extra protection and maintenance every 2 months for increased longevity.

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  1. 02bugeyeworks (verified owner)

    Application is quite simple considering the durability. You can do a larger section at a time than some of the polysilazane based coatings which tend to flash very quickly. Moonlight is much more forgiving in that regard. If you take a couple minutes to knock it down it won’t fully harden or streak on you, it just gets a bit tacky. Having a spray head option instead of a cap that you’re unscrewing and recapping over and over is a welcome difference. Water beading is definitely there, but I would say slightly less deep gloss than the harder coatings. Another benefit is that unlike some polymer sealants and waxes, it doesn’t turn plastics white. In fact, I tested it on the plastics of a beater and it darkens faded trim pretty well. Overall a great standalone sealant or coating topper/refresher. Will definitely keep it in my arsenal.

  2. superficialdetails (verified owner)

    MoonLight is an exceptional product, doing exactly what it says on the bottle. The purpose is to add slickness and make it easier to clean. With its superior application ease, it make it a great DIY product and entry level service offering. A little does go a long way and with the price and amount you get, it’s a no brainer that you should have MoonLight in your arsenal. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Leonardobordatto (verified owner)

    I used Moonlight this past weekend on my car and the results were nothing short of amazing. My car is Black with Red Metallic and it really made the flakes pop. Application was easier than Quartz Max, no streaks and didn’t require a lot of rubbing to remove. It rained the next day and the water flew off the paint and remained looking clean even after my 50 miles commute in the rain.

    Anyone looking for a great topper or standalone protection, I highly recommend Moonlight. It is a quick and easy product to use with great results.

    • Mason Barnett

      Leo, thank you for being a valued customer and providing honest feedback. We’re pleased to here the results are exactly what they should be.
      Thank You,
      Mason Barnett

  4. tennesseeshineautodetail (verified owner)

    A must have in your arsenal! Full time professional detailers or DiY detailers, this product is super easy to apply and boasts crazy hydrophobics, gloss depth and durability. Excellent on trim as well once prepped using tar zero (even removes those pesky white stains from polishing with ease) leaves plastics dark and protected! I’ve used dozens of ceramic coatings from alot of name brand companies and NONE of them leave an applicator pad as hard as moonlight does once used. Literally turns into a brick! Which is proof of its durability.

  5. chuckquercia (verified owner)

    I was apprehensive about using a true coating, because of the risk of not applying it properly and possibly having to wet sand it off. After watching Brian from Apex apply Moonlight I decided to give it a try. I Clayed and then polished the car with total 1 essential. I then applied moonlight with no problems at all. Moonlight was everything I thought it would be and more. I love the way it made my paint look and topped with Shinee wax gives it that extra pop.


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