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TAC System Mystic Bubble Shampoo

Product Description: Mystic Bubble is a highly concentrated vehicle shampoo (1:500 which is roughly 1 oz Mystic Bubble to 4 gallons of water) that produces high density foam to encapsulate contamination particles when washing. The pH balanced formula gently lubricates the surface and is perfect for regular car washing on all surfaces and as a coating maintenance wash. The high dilution of Mystic Bubble makes for a very cost effective car soap. The pH balanced formula is safe for all exterior vehicle surfaces and wheels.


Directions: First rinse vehicle free of all loose topical contamination using a high pressure nozzle or pressure washer. Next, using a foam lance, apply a generous layer of Mystic Bubble to the vehicle and allow it to dwell for 3-5 minutes before applying a wash mitt. Using light pressure, agitate the surface to remove any stubborn contaminants from the surface.

Tips / Alternate Uses: For best results, during the final rinse, use deionized water to ensure a spot free finish.

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3 reviews for Mystic Bubble

  1. Kevin Welch

    Over time, I have progressively moved away from shampoos that leave polymers, waxes and other substances behind, which are intended to either enhance the gloss or assist with repelling water. Since my cars are coated, and most other cars I maintain are coated or sealed, I have preferred to wash cars now with either shampoos that leave nothing behind or add to the SiO2 base. Mystic Bubble is an economical shampoo that has more of a purple color (than the purple-pink color suggested on the website) and has a faint fruity aroma. When run through my fingers, it has quite a bit of lubricity. It had pretty good foaming ability, and when using a micro chenille mitt, I was able to effortlessly glide across the surface of my paint. It’s easy to see the almost immediate return of the underlying coating base after the soap is rinsed/washed away. Mystic Bubble is advertised as a shampoo that leaves nothing behind, and after using it, I believe it.

  2. Kevin Cox

    Fantastic soap for the level of dilution you can go and still achieve great cleaning and lots of foam. We typically use it in a foam lance. I have also use it in the a typical two bucket method and had great results with suds and cleaning capability. The fragrance isn’t super strong but enough to know that there is soap in your bucket or in your foam. This soap goes a long ways and comes out nice and thick. Used this with a cheap wash mitt along with a marino wool mitt and had excellent cleaning.

  3. downinc (verified owner)

    This soap gets the job done with a great dilution ratio. It has great cleaning power and washes clean without leaving any residue. I would recommend this soap for any type of wash. Very economical.

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