Mystic Water Repellent

Mystic Water Repellent


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TAC System Mystic Water Repellent (MWR)

Product Description: An advanced car wash shampoo that deeply cleanses vehicle exterior surfaces and adds a hydrophobic silica sealant to the surface.

Product Benefits: MWR is an extremely easy to use pH Neutral shampoo that gently removes topical contamination and protects the surface with a layer at the same time! MWR also adds gloss and slickness to the paint with a durability up to 1  month.

Durability/Specs: 1+ months.

Common Uses: Vehicle exterior surfaces & wheels.


Warnings: DO NOT apply MWR to hot surfaces, this will cause streaking which is difficult to remove. DO NOT allow MWR to dry on surfaces.


1] Rinse the car thoroughly to remove topical contamination.

2] Prepare a wash bucket with 20ml of MWR or Use a foam lance with a dilution of 1:9

3] After foam is applied to surface, use wash media to clean the vehicle

4] Allow MWR to dwell for 3-5 minutes

5] Rinse well with water

For Optimal Results: Apply even with foam lance all over vehicle exterior.

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3 reviews for Mystic Water Repellent

  1. Kevin Welch

    I’ve used this soap in a couple of ways recently: in a foam lance as well as in a traditional 2 bucket wash. In my opinion, this soap foamed up as well as any other properly mixed soap using my foam lance and pressure washer system. I was able to lay down a nice layer of foam, even with my fairly weak electric pressure washer. I was concerned about streaking, as I’ve experienced this with another SiO2-based foaming shampoo. I did not experience this with Mystic Repellent. After pressure washing the soap away, I noticed many well-formed beads and the water “sheeted” off the paint like a dream. I’m definitely going to keep this in my armamentarium of car shampoos.

  2. Kevin Cox

    We use this soap for about every car we do. Works really well if your doing wholesale work. cost effective and gives great protection and gloss. Found ever greater results for bead height and gloss when you clay prior to applying this. Doesn’t take much soap either for lots of foam and you can see it working itself into the paint and giving you great gloss and incredible bead height. Have not found this to streak in any situation. We wash in direct sun most days and not even streaks on glass. Works fantastic on gel coat paint on RVs also and large work trucks, helps you get protection on those ladder needed vehicles. I buy it in 4L cause its worth it!. Forget the CarPro Hydrofoam and get this!!!

  3. tennesseeshineautodetail (verified owner)

    Oh MWP how I love thee! I’ve tried and tested several “soap/spray foam sealants” and none have compared to this product. Great foaming action, great gloss, great hydrophobics! As a full time detailer this product keeps my monthly maintenance clients very happy as the durability far exceeds other products like it and makes my life so much easier as my maintenance details take less time and I can fit more appointments into my schedule!! More time more money!

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