Paintwork Cleaner

Paintwork Cleaner


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TAC System Paintwork Cleaner

Is a different take on paint decontamination which also improves minimal swirls and scratches while enhancing gloss. Paintwork Cleaner makes for a simple light decontamination step which removes oxidation, contaminants, old car wax and other types of protective layer using superfine friction technology.

Product Benefits: After using Paintwork cleaner, the paint surface will be degreased, smooth, and ready for paint correction and/or protection.

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1. Wash vehicle and rinse the car thoroughly with water.

2. Move vehicle to a cool and shaded area.  While the panel is still wet, apply 3-5 small squirts of Paintwork Cleaner to a microfiber applicator and apply the product in a circular motion with very light pressure.

3. Work the product evenly across the panel, ensuring a full and thorough coverage of the area.  Do this over the entire car or panel you’re working on.

4. Rinse section thoroughly with clean, cool mineral free water to avoid water spots, then dry with a soft towel.


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