TACSystem’s Paintwork Cleaner

Is a different take on paint decontamination which also improves minimal swirls and scratches while enhancing gloss. Paintwork Cleaner makes for a simple light decontamination step which removes oxidation, contaminants, old car wax and other types of protective layer using superfine friction technology.

Product Benefits: Strongly recommended to be applied out of direct sun to cool vehicle panels.After using Paintwork cleaner, the paint surface will be degreased, smooth, and ready for paint correction and/or protection.


1] Wash vehicle and then rinse the car thoroughly with water

2] Using a wet apply Paintwork Cleaner panel-by-panel with the wash media of your choice.

3] Work the product evenly across the panel, ensuring a full and thorough coverage of the area.

4] Rinse section thoroughly with water