TACSystem’s Quartz Max

Is a simple to apply, wipe-on / wipe-off 5% SiO2 silica sealant, leaving your vehicle protected with a glossy, silky smooth surface. Quartz Max is a simple streak free way to leave long lasting topical protection to your vehicle exterior surfaces.

Product Benefits: Simple wipe on protection. A stand alone durable sealant or a great way to add layer-able protection on top of coatings to help aid coating longevity.

Durability: 3 months ++

Common Uses: Vehicle Exterior Surfaces & Wheels.

Directions: Wash vehicle thoroughly. Strongly recommended to be applied out of direct sun to cool vehicle panels. After drying, apply Quartz Max to a shaded cool panel and evenly distribute over the panel. Follow up with clean dry towel to buff off any excess product.

Tips / Alternate Uses: Quartz Max can also be used as a topper to Tacsystem SiO2 coatings. Additionally, it can be used as a drying aid (if vehicle is mostly dry) to quickly add topical protection.