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TAC System Quartz Max

Is a simple to apply, wipe-on / wipe-off 5% SiO2 silica sealant, leaving your vehicle protected with a glossy, silky smooth surface. Quartz Max is a simple streak free way to leave long lasting topical protection to your vehicle exterior surfaces.

Product Benefits: Simple wipe on protection. A stand alone durable sealant or a great way to add layer-able protection on top of coatings to help aid coating longevity.

Durability: 3 months

Common Uses: Vehicle Exterior Surfaces & Wheels.


Directions: Wash vehicle thoroughly. Strongly recommended to be applied out of direct sun to cool vehicle panels. After drying, apply Quartz Max to a shaded cool panel and evenly distribute over the panel. Follow up with clean dry towel to buff off any excess product.

Tips / Alternate Uses: Quartz Max can also be used as a topper to Tacsystem SiO2 coatings. Additionally, it can be used as a drying aid (if vehicle is mostly dry) to quickly add topical protection.

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5 reviews for Quartz Max

  1. Kevin Welch

    I have been using this as a topper for my vehicles rather than a primary source of paint coating. In the past, I’ve been weary of spray on coatings such as this because of streaking, excess buffing requirements and expense. Quartz Max has erased those concerns for me. For some reason, the trigger spray supplied with this bottle has great misting capabilities, and I’m able to lay down consistent volumes of fine mist with a complete actuation of the sprayer, which I like. The product spreads very easily, so just a little bit is needed. After spreading around the product, there are some thicker areas/high spots/wet streaks – whatever you want to call it — that EASILY buff away with a fresh towel. This is not a greasy/oily base. I have noticed NO streaking on dark cars. This is a great product to use as a coating topper and extend the life of your coating.

  2. Leonardobordatto (verified owner)

    I tried this product on my Brown 2016 Genesis and it is beyond amazing. The water behavior is phenomenal as well as the darkening effect. The application process is very easy and did not have any issues with streaking. I have tried a lot of topper sprays and the sprayer usually doesn’t work, but this is not the case with this sprayer. It sprayed a good even amount which made the entire process easier.

    As far as durability, I did not wash the car for 2 weeks, due to endless pollen, and the water flew off the paint. It also repelled the pollen pretty good as well.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great topper!

  3. Jason Davis (verified owner)

    I really love the quartz max. I use it after every wash to enhance the shine. I love moonlight and use this on top of it. Helps extend the life of the moonlight coating and keeps my truck less dirty in between washes. Makes the towel drying process much easier. I’d keep a bottle of this in your stash to use with Tac systems coatings.

  4. tennesseeshineautodetail (verified owner)

    Gloss Monster!!! As a high volume detailer this product is a game changer! Ease of application, gloss, hydrophobics, depth of gloss is off the charts. Been detailing for around 4 yrs now and have not tested and tried a better quick application product. Another great money maker for other full time detailers. Don’t waste time waxing and hand applying sealants. Save time, drop your overhead and increase profits with Quartz Max!!

  5. chuckquercia (verified owner)

    I decided to buy Quartz max after watching a video that Mason did on a pick up truck. I am glad I bought it. It’s a great topper for Moonlight or actually anything else. I tried several other SIo2 sprays, but Quartz Max is the best for ease of use, gloss and durability.


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