TACSystem’s Quartz UHS 90%

Product Description: Quartz UHS (Ultra High Solid) 90% is a very hard and and durable protective SiO2 coating.

Product Benefits: hardness; chemical and higher marring resistance.

Durability/Specs: 3years – 1 layer. Measurable thickness: 0.6um SiO2 concentration: 90%

Common Uses: Painted surfaces

Warnings: Always wear respirator & gloves. Ensure application area is free of loose contamination.

Directions: In a well lit, temperature controlled 50°F-85°F (10°C-30°C), & contamination free environment. Suggested section size: 1 panel at a time. Applicator Limit – Hood Size, spread evenly over the section, allow 1-3 minutes dwell time, then wipe off with new MF non linting towel. Applicator Limit 1/2 Hood Size area – then change.

Tips / Alternate Uses: High spots are visible for 20-30 minutes. If high spots are found within an hour of wipe off, they can be reactivated and removed with with Sparkle Plus on a new MF applicator.

Max Efficiency (not required): Cure Sparkle Plus with IR lamps at 165°F for 5-8 min per panel.

For Optimal Results: First thoroughly wash vehicle with Mystic Bubble then remove all embedded iron deposits from vehicle paint pores and surfaces using Iron Zero. Next, polish vehicle surfaces to highest level. After polishing, use Oil Zero to remove all polish oils from surfaces to ensure optimal bonding and durability for the coating application.

Max Efficiency:

1] Apply Base Coat then cure with IR lamps at 165°F about 18-24” from the painted surface for 5-8 minutes per panel.

2] Apply Top Coat then also cure with IR lamp.

Post Application Instructions:

– Wait 1 hour before topper can be added.

– 24 hours before any water exposure. Unless IR lamps used under 165°F are used 5-8 min per panel.

– Wait 7 days before first wash.