TACSystem’s Rain Coat Glass Coating

Product Description: RainCoat is a glass coating formulated to help all glass repel water from speeds of 30mph or more.

Product Benefits: RainCoat increases driver visibility by reducing the ability for dust, grime, hard water, and other stains to accumulate on glass. During hard storms RainCoat, helps to keep the glass clear and enable safer driving.

Common Uses: Vehicle Glass


1] Decontaminate and polish glass until it is in best condition and free of any defects or water deposits.

2] Clean Glass surface with Oil Zero to ensure all polish oils are removed prior to application.

3] Wrap MF suede over block and apply a small line of product to the suede.

4] Apply vis Suede to all glass areas in crosshatch pattern to ensure even coverage.

5] Avoid any surfaces other than glass.

6] After Application allow RainCoat to dwell for 1-3 min. Then wipe off with clean new MF towel.

Durability/Specs: 9-12month Durability Front Windscreen. Up to 2 years on side and rear glass.