Top Coat 1.0 Protection

Top Coat 1.0 is a durable, glossy, and hydrophobic semi permanent layer designed to protect all exterior vehicle surfaces, including paint, plastic, and glass. While it was engineered as a top layer (topper) to an existing coating, it works impressively well as a stand-alone coating offering a year of superior gloss, shine, and hydrophobic properties to paint, allowing for ease of vehicle maintenance.

Durability/Product Specs: 1 year – 1 layer.

Common Uses: Stand alone LSP for painted surfaces, or as a topper to Tacsystem coatings after full curing.

Warnings: Always wear respirator & gloves. Ensure application area is free of loose contamination.

Directions: Applicator Limit = Hood size section. Max Dwell time 3 minutes, wipe off 1-3 minutes. (suggested application: 2 panels at a time)

1] Clean and dry all exterior vehicle surfaces thoroughly. Apply out of direct sun to cool vehicle panels.

2] With a dedicated MF suede or MF applicator pad, apply a small amount of Top Coat 1.0 to the applicator then begin to work it in, one panel at a time. It spreads out very well… a little goes a long ways.

3] Once applied allow Top Coat 1.0 to dwell for 1-3 minutes, then using a clean soft MF towel, buff the surface until all excess product is removed.

Post Application Instructions: Moonlight requires 3-4 hours of cure time before water exposure.

Tips / Alternate Uses:  Top Coat 1.0 can also be topped off with Quartz Max.