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All potential installers will undergo a screening process before enrollment in any programs or training. Training for TAC System coatings (Climax) will be held on Wisconsin or at your location.  Typical training will consist of a 1 to 2 day course. Cost for the class will be from $800 per person to $1,200, which will include meals and snacks. Certificates validating knowledge of the product, application methods, and a full understanding of the requirements of the installer program will be provided to the installer once training is successfully completed. Certified installers will automatically be eligible to enroll in the TAC System distributor program. Upon successful completion of the certification training course, each certified individual will receive a free TAC System product bundle package.

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Climax Guarantee

  • Gloss retention up to 85% of finish will be retained during the 5 year period
  • Regular Surface Maintenance is the most important post application factor which will enable climax the intended longevity with accordance to TACSystemUSA recommended guidelines.
  • The details of the surface maintenance regimine will be included with products and also covered by authorized installers at time of purchase.
  • Any loss in hydrophobic properties will be need to be reported to the authorized installer by the consumer, in order to be restored.
  • The cause and cost responsibility will be determined upon inspection.
  • Any natural environmental damages or etching after coating installation should advise the authorized installer and the installer to notify TACsystem USA, should take place within 7 days of occurrence.
  • Climax is guaranteed to make vehicle washing much faster and efficient.
  • Climax doesn’t prevent any form of chips, scratches, or damage done from any type mechanical abrasion such as automatic car washes.
  • ALL Climax Applications needs to be performed by TACSystemUSA authorized installer
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